TNOS Features

TNOS is a multi-threaded application that contains a complete implimentation of industry standard TCP/IP with drivers, applications, and support for use in an RF environment, primarily the Amateur Packet Radio environment.

There are two versions, one that runs under MS-DOS/PC-DOS/DR-DOS and any multi-taskers that support virtual DOS boxes, and the other which runs as an application under Linux.

TNOS serves as a good dedicated router, firewall, email exchanger, gateway, etc.

TNOS is derived from KA9Q NOS, and has many of the same roots as JNOS, another KA9Q derivitive.

Below are some of the TNOS differences from JNOS, and more info is available:

  • More stable
  • More effective memory management and usage
  • More fully featured BBS
  • Some degree of user interface
  • Enhanced Conferencing application
  • Information servers
  • TScript scripting language
  • High degree of configuration flexibility
  • TCPGATE for support of remote services
  • Pseudo-White Pages support
  • Local rlogin server for remote administration
  • Separate AX25 and IP callsigns
  • Fully configurable for security concerns
  • Full on-line help system
  • Mailing list groups
  • Remote request server
  • User selectable email delegation
  • Email address translation, for email gatewaying

TNOS is supported by it's author, Brian A. Lantz/KO4KS, and an Internet mailing list.

Last updated: Sunday, 25-Jan-2004 14:20:51 UTC