Information about TNOS

The Tampa Network Operating System (TNOS) is a KA9Q compatible multi-tasking TCP/IP environment designed for use with Amateur Radio.

The current release version is 3.00 . The current development version being alpha tested is 3.01a1 .

You can find the TNOS weblog and a forum for discussing TNOS at Brian's "Lantz Web Portal" website

Documentation is available on the following topics.

  • TNOS Resources on the WWW
    Sites Powered by TNOS, with PBBSs on the Web, and containing TNOS-related information.
  • TNOS Features
    A short description of TNOS and its feature set.
  • What is TNOS?
    This is a reprint of a paper printed in the Proceedings of the 1994 TAPR Annual Meeting, with some information updated, and provides a brief introduction to TNOS and its capabilities.
  • Current TNOS MAN Page
    All of TNOS's command line parameters documented.
  • Installation Instructions
    Step by step instructions for getting TNOS running.
  • Network Information Services
    This is a reprint of a paper printed in the Proceedings of the 12th ARRL Digital Communications Conference, September 10-11, 1993, with some information updated, which explains the TNOS Information Server and introduces the TScript Language.
  • The TScript Language
    A brief but evolving document describing the TScript language used by TNOS in the Information Servers, script command, and mailbox hook commands.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Common questions about TNOS and their answers
  • Finding TNOS
    TNOS is now a project on SourceForge.
  • TNOS Support
    Information on TNOS support, including mailing list information

Any questions or bug reports regarding TNOS should go to

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